16:49 Ticket #1177 (Add getContainer() method to API) created by zach
if you look into the HTML source, you also see the issue: there's no way …
16:47 Ticket #1176 (Dependency mechanism for JS Plugin API) created by zach
Rather than develop our own core utility functions to plugins (_css?, …
16:25 Ticket #1175 (Skinning API support for JavaScript plugins) created by zach
Eventually, we’ll need to offer skinning via the JavaScript API. In order …
16:23 Ticket #1174 (Unified Base64 Skins) created by zach
We should create a skin that uses base64 encoded images so that it works …
16:20 Ticket #1173 (Plugin Passthrough API) created by zach
* jwplayer().getPlugin("myplugin").publicMethod("I'm the new text!"); == …
15:18 Ticket #595 (Create Multi-dock) reopened by zach
15:16 Ticket #605 (Enhanced autoplay) reopened by zach
15:02 Changeset [1524] by zach
- Logo works in all modes - Fixing IE issue - Arrays do not support …
14:24 Ticket #514 (Add "report a bug" option to right-click menu) reopened by zach
13:29 Ticket #1172 (WordPress: add encode attribute) created by cameron
Allow for the use of an encode attribute so that the plugin knows whether …
12:08 Ticket #467 (Playlist scrolling mousewheel support in Flash) reopened by zach


07:54 Changeset [1523] by zach
- Playlist parsing alpha
07:11 Changeset [1522] by jeroen
initial support for Smooth manifests / MP4 parsing. No muxing yet.


12:35 Changeset [1521] by zach


07:46 Ticket #1171 (Add and document "modes" alias to players block) created by jeroen
We talked about aliasing the players block with a modes one. This …
07:45 Ticket #1170 (Add bgcolor=#000 parameter to embedder) created by jeroen
The embedder currently has no bgcolor parameter. This causes a swift white …
07:42 Changeset [1520] by jeroen
added startscreen plugin, updated lightsoff plugin, tagged yousearch …
04:02 Changeset [1519] by jeroen
Added another TS examples; built with FFmpeg and split with Apple …


16:18 Changeset [1518] by jeroen
some small fixes for FF - IE is still a mess
14:39 Changeset [1517] by jeroen
initial copy of lightbox plugin
12:43 Changeset [1516] by jeroen
initial copy of lightbox plugin
09:45 Changeset [1515] by jeroen
added lightsoff / related JS plugins (work in progress)
08:14 Changeset [1514] by jeroen
fixed issue in setInterval null value checking
08:04 Ticket #1138 (Qualitymonitor: add support for playlist items) closed by jeroen
fixed: Fixed in the code; plugin should still get updated on live site though.
08:01 Ticket #1168 (Skin: live streaming) closed by jeroen
worksforme: Not sure we should build it though - perhaps better to have done by the …
07:47 Ticket #1147 (Queue up Player API calls made before playerReady() is fired) closed by jeroen
fixed: This is currently happening in the 5.3+ API
07:43 Ticket #504 (Tooltips plugin) closed by jeroen
07:42 Ticket #1146 (Captions: enable for YouTube) closed by jeroen
wontfix: YT captions are not available through their API (yet), so this isn't …
07:42 Ticket #614 (ASCII Art mediaprovider) closed by jeroen
07:30 Changeset [1513] by jeroen
fixed issue in samplerate retrieval (was 1 byte off)
07:25 Ticket #1169 (Reinstate displayclick) created by jeroen
From Remco: Someone killed displayclick again, can you reinstate (and …


10:50 Changeset [1512] by jeroen
added dump for concatenated FLV file
10:45 Changeset [1511] by jeroen
added dump for concatenated FLV file
03:59 Changeset [1510] by jeroen
removed older, single TS tests
03:34 Changeset [1509] by jeroen
moved adaptive provider to branch, deleted botr/v4mxmlc branch and added …


14:14 Changeset [1508] by pablo
Adding logo.margin documentation
11:36 Ticket #1168 (Skin: live streaming) created by jeroen
A live skin would not need the scrubber / timing. Only the pause, …
11:32 Ticket #1167 (Live streaming: killing the server sends neither COMPLETE nor ERROR event) created by jeroen
It should do one of the two (probably COMPLETE). Right now, killing the …
11:20 Ticket #1166 (Seamlesstabbing param not set in embedder) created by jeroen
This is an obscure parameter, but very useful for people who use the JAWS …
08:31 Changeset [1507] by jeroen
updated listener to also check for Wowza restarts


12:37 Changeset [1506] by jeroen
modified provider to already play a level


17:36 Changeset [1505] by zach
- Updating release notes - Allowing download and HTML5 player to handle …
17:04 Ticket #1165 (HTTP media provider should fail over to HTML5 and Download) created by zach
10:53 Changeset [1504] by jeroen
added manifest parsing, tests still need updating
03:39 Ticket #1164 (Add image.duration flashvar) created by jeroen
With a default image duration, the player can be used for slideshows of …


11:09 Ticket #1163 (WordPress: Set controlbar status in embed, not config) created by cameron
The embedder sets the controlbar flashvar to over by default which …


19:21 Ticket #1162 (WordPress: Better handling of audio controlbar) created by cameron
At minimum, force controlbar to bottom. Otherwise, the user doesn't get …
19:18 Ticket #1161 (WordPress: Add support for JSON playlists) created by cameron
Currently, the HTML 5 player cannot support XML playlists. Add in …
16:26 Ticket #1160 (Fontweight is not respected in playlists) created by zach
16:19 Ticket #1159 (FF: Images do not load correctly when URL contains #) created by zach
See FFbug example page
16:18 Ticket #1158 (Fullscreen API call causes exception in Webkit if not triggered by mouse) created by zach
See fullscreen unit tester
16:16 Ticket #1157 (Uniform stretching overflows) created by zach
See stretching example
16:16 Ticket #1156 (Resizing before playing on iOS is not stretched properly) created by zach
See resize example
16:15 Ticket #1155 (<embed> tag + JW Embedder throws DOM error) created by zach
11:28 Changeset [1503] by pablo
Updating MediaProvider player libs and build script
11:19 Changeset [1502] by pablo
build-lib ant task shouldn't build the player also
04:23 Changeset [1501] by jeroen
added default dates and inlined the images
04:19 Changeset [1500] by jeroen
added default dates and inlined the images


18:47 Changeset [1499] by zach
- Retagging 5.4
18:46 Changeset [1498] by zach
- Retagging 5.4
18:04 Changeset [1497] by zach
Tagging 5.4
17:59 Changeset [1496] by zach
Retagging 5.4
17:50 Changeset [1495] by jeroen
initial JS version of livestream
17:46 Changeset [1494] by jeroen
initial JS version of livestream
17:44 Changeset [1493] by jeroen
initial JS version of livestream
17:04 Changeset [1492] by zach
- Adding test examples - RTMP now fails for download fallback
14:14 Changeset [1491] by zach
- Removing accidental console logger
14:05 Changeset [1490] by zach
Patching continues
14:03 Changeset [1489] by zach
Continuing to fix 5.4 failover for patch
13:06 Changeset [1488] by zach
09:10 Changeset [1487] by jeroen
added fix to account for JS-loaded playlists


14:44 Ticket #1154 (Skinning for Touch devices) created by zach
With the latest iOS release for iPad, it's now possible to visual elements …


15:01 Changeset [1486] by zach
10:11 Ticket #1153 (Modify controlbar layout) created by jeroen
In certain situations, it'd be nice to replace the elapsed time, scrubber …
09:56 Ticket #1152 (Display setIcons() API call) created by jeroen
This would be so useful - both in AS and JS: …


16:35 Ticket #1151 (RTMPT failover breaks player with certain response types) created by pablo
RTMPT failover works if a "NetConnection.Connect.Failed" message is …
12:11 Changeset [1485] by jeroen
added test manifests
09:31 Changeset [1484] by jeroen
moved AAC/H264 parsing to separate files.
09:28 Changeset [1483] by jeroen
added MOV versions of test files
07:26 Changeset [1482] by zach
Branching for 5.5a


18:55 Changeset [1481] by zach
- Updating docs
15:49 Changeset [1480] by zach
Updating test
15:27 Ticket #1150 (XML skins cause uncaught exception when duration is 0) closed by zach
fixed: Fixed in 1179
14:54 Changeset [1479] by zach
- Fixing controlbar issue 1150 - Removing unused plugin code from …
13:58 Changeset [1478] by zach
- Updating plugin test
11:55 Ticket #1150 (XML skins cause uncaught exception when duration is 0) created by pablo
05:20 Ticket #1149 (Captions: ability to set size and outline) created by jeroen
It'd be good to have two toggles in the player: *) normal / large font *) …
05:20 Ticket #1148 (Captions: ability to place caps below controlbar) created by jeroen


18:10 Ticket #1147 (Queue up Player API calls made before playerReady() is fired) created by zach
15:14 Ticket #1146 (Captions: enable for YouTube) created by zach
YT Captions seem accessible now, using …
15:02 Changeset [1477] by zach
- Model was attempting to load functions because of for:in syntax
14:42 Ticket #1145 (Controlbar: Demo doesn't work in FF) created by zach
12:20 Changeset [1476] by jeroen
updated adaptive providers
03:00 Milestone Player 5.4 completed
* Download fallback option


19:23 Ticket #1144 (API + Ready event should list which mode is active) created by zach
17:47 Ticket #1143 (Callbacks are not being made in FF) created by zach
FF for Windows isn't calling back the following: […]
14:19 Changeset [1475] by zach
- Removing candybar startup screen
12:18 Ticket #1142 (WordPress: Include unzipped skins for HTML 5 support) created by cameron
Currently, only .zip skins are included so when it falls back to HTML 5 …
10:54 Changeset [1474] by zach
- Tagging HD-1.8


16:43 Changeset [1473] by zach
- Fixing focus issue
15:31 Ticket #1141 (Add support for "icons=false" option) created by pablo
The HTML5 player currently does not support the "icons" option, which …
15:27 Changeset [1472] by zach
- Removing console statements
15:21 Changeset [1471] by zach
- Adding test skin
14:53 Changeset [1470] by zach
- Adding test cases
12:52 Changeset [1469] by zach
- Adding ova.hidden update to HD
11:41 Ticket #1104 (Stretching not working in HTML5 mode?) closed by zach
11:41 Ticket #1091 (Percentage width and height fail for setup call) closed by zach
11:40 Ticket #1125 (onFullscreen is not fired) closed by zach
11:33 Changeset [1468] by zach
- Controlbar resets buffer when switching between items - Display properly …
11:29 Ticket #1140 (Player doesn't switch to buffering state on buffer underrun) created by pablo
Steps to reproduce: 1. View video …
09:27 Changeset [1467] by zach
Fixing version number
09:20 Changeset [1466] by zach
- Phantom, blank playlist items no longer appear - Video replays after …


16:49 Changeset [1465] by zach
12:49 Changeset [1464] by zach
- Fixing streching issues in Fullscreen
12:26 Ticket #1139 (Make sure _queuedSeek resets start to 0 after video has started.) closed by jeroen
12:23 Changeset [1463] by jeroen
un-set queuedSeek when the playlistitem starts
09:09 Changeset [1462] by jeroen
added flvdebug dumps of files
08:53 Changeset [1461] by zach
- Fixing several stretching issues
08:40 Changeset [1460] by jeroen
added ISO docs to adaptive provider
06:07 Ticket #1139 (Make sure _queuedSeek resets start to 0 after video has started.) created by jeroen
This can be done in the Controller; _queuedSeek is already set (and reset) …
05:53 Ticket #1138 (Qualitymonitor: add support for playlist items) created by jeroen
The plugin doesn't support playlist items and playlists loaded through the …


17:03 Ticket #1137 (Drupal: Check if XML config is successful) created by cameron
It's possible for conflicting messages to appear. Drupal can report an …
16:59 Changeset [1459] by zach
- Minor accessibility fix in Stacker - Adding auto version number to build …
16:49 Ticket #1136 (Drupal: Remove spacing in plugin lists) created by cameron
Currently, the module is adding spaces in the list of plugins which is …
16:24 Ticket #1135 (Drupal: Update permissions) created by cameron
We're using the default administer permissions. Add our own permissions …
16:23 Ticket #1134 (Drupal: Add Drupal 7 support) created by cameron
Drupal 7 is nearing release and the module needs to be updated to work …
16:22 Ticket #1133 (Drupal: Add JW Player 5.3 support) created by cameron
Update the module to support the new JW Embedder and HTML 5 player.
16:03 Changeset [1458] by pablo
Adding 5.3 player into testing tool to make room for 5.4
09:27 Changeset [1457] by zach
- Fixing stretching issue 1104 - Percentage height now works for …
07:19 Changeset [1456] by jeroen
added NALU length start bytes
04:50 Changeset [1455] by jeroen
added wowza testfile and accounted for variable (3 or 4) NAL startcode …


17:31 Ticket #1127 (Unscoped variable can conflict with other HTML elements) closed by zach
fixed: Fixed in 1454
17:31 Changeset [1454] by zach
- All variables are now properly scoped 1127
17:06 Ticket #1124 (Android may have issues with having source types set) closed by zach
fixed: Fixed in 1453
17:05 Changeset [1453] by zach
- Android plays mp4s 1124
14:49 Ticket #1086 (Playlists on iOS don't auto advance) closed by zach
fixed: Fixed in 1449
14:49 Changeset [1452] by zach
- iOS advances playlist item 1086
14:16 Changeset [1451] by jeroen
removed flvtag header duplications
13:59 Changeset [1450] by jeroen
initial commit of adaptive provider
13:57 Changeset [1449] by jeroen
initial commit of adaptive provider
13:26 Changeset [1448] by zach
- Adding version to JS - Fixing FlashCanPlay util function (was checking …
12:08 Ticket #1132 (WordPress: Network Site Support) created by cameron
Add support for the resolution of WordPress network site URLs.
Note: See TracTimeline for information about the timeline view.