15:49 Ticket #1088 (IE doesn't load images and videos) created by zach
15:02 Ticket #1011 (Add a "simple" layout to playlists for skinning) reopened by pablo
An additional change that went into 1280 was that the playlist …
14:54 Ticket #951 (RTMPT fallback) reopened by pablo
This appears to still be broken. If the RTMPT (port 800 connection is …
12:05 Changeset [1391] by jeroen
tagged captions plugin
12:04 Ticket #1087 (Setting "levels" option overrides "provider") created by pablo
If setup is called with the levels option, the provider setting …
11:52 Ticket #1086 (Playlists on iOS don't auto advance) created by zach
Using playlists on iDevices don't move beyond the first item
11:33 Changeset [1390] by jeroen
tagged sharing plugin
08:26 Changeset [1389] by jeroen
fixed 5.0 trim and srt tags parsing bugs


14:53 Ticket #1085 (Flash Player sits on top of everything) created by zach
wmode needs to be set to opaque
12:53 Ticket #1084 (MP4 in Firefox should always fail over to Flash) created by zach
12:38 Ticket #1083 (Concise media fallback model) created by zach
Proposal for media fallback. In other words, managing the fact not all …
12:15 Ticket #1082 (Mootools and Prototype break HTML5 playback) created by zach
This appears to be caused by the fact that MooTools and Prototype alter …
11:16 Ticket #1081 (Logo initial state is incorrect and fades out) created by zach
1) The logo is highlighted by default without being moused-over. 2) After …


11:34 Ticket #1080 (WordPress: Review skins) created by cameron
Make sure skins are .zip skins only.
11:34 Ticket #1079 (WordPress: Add none option for controlbar) created by cameron
This is missing as a configuration option and should be added.
11:33 Ticket #1078 (WordPress: Investigate fallback for simplexml) created by cameron
If fopen is not available on a user's server then simplexml will not work …


16:18 Ticket #1077 (Implement maxwidth controlbar skinning option) created by zach
A max-width option will be very nice for skins that render the …
16:06 Ticket #1076 (Download link failover for players with no native playback mechanism) created by jeroen
We could offer to set an HTML blurb as fallback instead of the …
16:04 Ticket #1075 (RTMP failover for non-Flash browsers) created by zach
Publishers need a way to specify an HTTP file for non-Flash browsers.
14:51 Changeset [1388] by jeroen
small bugfix in the sharing plugin
12:38 Ticket #1074 (Fallback to download and "Install Flash" screens) created by zach
Player should by default fall back to a download link, and optionally an …
12:37 Ticket #1073 (Absolute paths calculated in Embedder) created by zach
The embedder should calculate the absolute paths for files
08:06 Changeset [1387] by jeroen
ran Zach's script for compiling ZIP skins. Updated 7 skins in all.
07:56 Changeset [1386] by jeroen
added simple skin, deleted audioglow skin, added matroska provider
04:08 Ticket #1072 ((B)locking in the API) created by jeroen
One use case for such a locking mechanism: 1) Lock the player from a …


18:55 Changeset [1385] by zach
Fixing onPosition -> onTime
15:28 Ticket #1070 (Console debug causes issues in FF) closed by zach
fixed: Fixed in #1379
15:28 Ticket #1069 (Plugins block in HTML5 can kill the player) closed by zach
fixed: Fixed in #1379
15:28 Ticket #1068 (Logo with no location displays missing image icon) closed by zach
fixed: Fixed in #1379
11:47 Ticket #1071 (Item index of currently playing item is not available via API) created by zach
05:06 Ticket #467 (Playlist scrolling mousewheel support in Flash) closed by jeroen
worksforme: No requests so far; we've been pushing this out a long time; closing…


13:36 Changeset [1384] by zach
Tagging 5.3
13:35 Changeset [1383] by zach
Retagging for bug fixes
12:24 Changeset [1382] by zach
* Stop is ignored when player is idle. * Display hides poster on load …
06:48 Changeset [1381] by jeroen
archived Ethan's newsticker, in case people want source
06:41 Changeset [1380] by jeroen
added sintel captions and example MPEG-TS file for Apple HDS


18:01 Changeset [1379] by zach
- Logo doesn't appear if file isn't specified 1068 - Plugins …
17:17 Ticket #1070 (Console debug causes issues in FF) created by zach
From Cougarman: Not sure if this is an intended effect, but if I add …
17:07 Ticket #1069 (Plugins block in HTML5 can kill the player) created by zach
Instantiating plugins in HTML5 player isn't done in a try/catch block. …
16:48 Ticket #1068 (Logo with no location displays missing image icon) created by zach
Configured logos with no source should not add <img> tags to the DOM
16:05 Ticket #903 (Implement dock) closed by zach
16:00 Ticket #1058 (YouTube player height is incorrect in FF and Opera) closed by zach
15:46 Ticket #1067 (More extensive locking) created by jeroen
We talked about adding locking to the javascript API, so let's formalize …
12:22 Ticket #1066 (Relative paths should be resolved based on current URL, not Flash Player ...) created by zach
I'd strongly suggest we consider using paths relative to the current page …


17:37 Ticket #1065 (WordPress: Don't embed in Category View) created by cameron
Most themes, including the default theme strip out script tags in the …
15:40 Ticket #1064 (HTML5 skin load fails when XML is 302ed) created by zach


17:43 Changeset [1378] by zach
Ratagging 5.3
17:42 Changeset [1377] by zach
retagging html5
17:35 Changeset [1376] by zach
Fixing test page
17:34 Changeset [1375] by zach
Final build script fix
17:27 Changeset [1374] by zach
- Fixing logo
17:15 Changeset [1373] by zach
- Fixing logo - Fixing build script
14:35 Changeset [1372] by pablo
Tagging 5.3 release
14:30 Ticket #299 (create Flex wrapper for the player) closed by jeroen
11:23 Changeset [1371] by zach
- Controlbar now handles skins with no volume slider (issue with Glow) - …
10:27 Changeset [1370] by zach
Fixing issue with chromeless players
10:24 Changeset [1369] by zach
- Fixing iPad API disconnect
10:10 Ticket #1031 (BUFFER=100 javascript event not always occuring on FF/Mac) reopened by jeroen
10:07 Ticket #1063 (Quirk in bitrate switching) created by jeroen
from -jj: I was looking at the implementation of PlaylistItem.getLevel. …
09:48 Changeset [1368] by zach
Fixing iPad replay issue
09:18 Changeset [1367] by zach
Prevetning fullscreen in webkit before startup
07:43 Changeset [1366] by zach
- Controlbar position no longer starts at 0 when fading in while in …
03:00 Milestone HTML5 1.0 completed
First public release of the HTML5 player. Supports a range of options …
03:00 Milestone Flash 5.3 completed
This release focuses on improving player-javascript interaction: * …


19:51 Changeset [1365] by zach
Fixing resize test page
19:35 Changeset [1364] by zach
- Fixing load issue - Fixing controlbar over in fullscreen fade issue
18:09 Ticket #1062 (XML skins cause an error if player hasn't received any buffering events) created by pablo
Steps to reproduce: 1) Set an XML skin 2) Set the player to an RTMP live …
17:27 Changeset [1363] by pablo
Fixes a bug in IE8 and below for removing the <video> tag
16:35 Changeset [1362] by zach
- Code cleanup - Fixing fullscreen issue with controlbar - Fixing YouTube …
16:01 Changeset [1361] by zach
updating examples to use CDN
15:58 Changeset [1360] by zach
Updating docs
14:35 Changeset [1359] by zach
Fixing example paths
08:37 Changeset [1358] by zach
- Controlbar no longer fades on exit fullscreen for positioned controlbars …


17:13 Changeset [1357] by pablo
Fixes an issue where the default controlbar position was overwriting user …


19:40 Changeset [1356] by pablo
Updating player docs
19:30 Changeset [1355] by zach
* Default skins do not align (volume / fullscreen) * HTML5 player should …
18:36 Changeset [1354] by pablo
Bug fix - make sure the container is the correct one on playerReady
17:24 Changeset [1353] by pablo
17:05 Changeset [1352] by pablo
Tagging v5 QualityMonitor plugin
17:05 Changeset [1351] by pablo
Tagging v5 QualityMonitor plugin
17:03 Changeset [1350] by pablo
Tagging v5 QualityMonitor plugin
17:02 Changeset [1349] by pablo
Tagging v5 QualityMonitor plugin
15:04 Changeset [1348] by pablo
Fixed an issue with the playlist alias
14:27 Changeset [1347] by jeroen
fixes a dynamic streaming bug and added webm/ogg/ogv to jwparser


18:35 Changeset [1346] by pablo
Tagging 5.3 release candidate
18:34 Changeset [1345] by pablo
Tagging 5.3 release candidate
18:33 Changeset [1344] by pablo
Updates to the documentation
17:31 Changeset [1343] by zach
Updating release notes
15:01 Changeset [1342] by pablo
Updating JavaScript documentation to reflect new API; including API …
12:29 Changeset [1341] by pablo
Fixes an issue parsing YouTube playlists (introduced in 5.3.x)


18:31 Changeset [1340] by pablo
* Replaces ".zip" with ".xml" for HTML5 skins * If "playlist" option is a …
18:25 Changeset [1339] by pablo
Fixes an issue with playlist event callbacks in the new API
12:46 Changeset [1338] by jeroen
added guides for player api/embedder
12:22 Ticket #1061 (Playlist UI element) created by zach
12:22 Ticket #1060 (Dock UI Element) created by zach
11:52 Ticket #902 (Full watermark support) closed by zach
11:50 Ticket #1059 (iOS doesn't display error when only OGV is specified) created by zach
iOS devices will just display a black box if no MP4 file is specified. …
11:47 Ticket #1058 (YouTube player height is incorrect in FF and Opera) created by zach
11:46 Ticket #1057 (Some skins render under scrollbar in fullscreen) created by zach
The player resize should take into account the width of the scrollbar if …


14:56 Changeset [1337] by zach
Beelden compatibility update
14:43 Changeset [1336] by zach
12:16 Ticket #1056 (Searchbar 'script' URI parsing) created by pablo
From MyTopTrailer: the searchbar plugin is bugged. To get proper …


14:21 Changeset [1335] by pablo
Updated Flash player swf in JS testing tool


22:28 Changeset [1334] by zach
- Fixing playlist example
18:13 Ticket #1055 (Console logger should use try / catch) created by zach
Logger.as should use a try / catch block for console.log
17:21 Changeset [1333] by zach
- Removing some console statements
16:45 Changeset [1332] by pablo
Re-tagging 5.3 release candidate
16:45 Changeset [1331] by pablo
Re-tagging 5.3 release candidate
16:44 Changeset [1330] by pablo
Re-tagging 5.3 release candidate
16:43 Changeset [1329] by pablo
Re-tagging 5.3 release candidate
16:08 Ticket #1054 (Cached MP3 files won't play in Mac Safari) closed by pablo
fixed: Addressed in 1328
16:07 Changeset [1328] by pablo
* Addresses a series of cross-browser Flash bugs associated with mp3 …
15:59 Changeset [1327] by zach
- Fixing error messaging a bit more
15:33 Changeset [1326] by zach
- Item shuffle won't select current item - Calling next starts playback - …
15:24 Changeset [1325] by zach
- Fixing AJAX util for Opera compatibility
11:45 Changeset [1324] by zach
- Fixing Beelden
11:40 Changeset [1323] by zach
- Updating skins to work with HTML5 player
09:38 Changeset [1322] by zach
- Fixing Opera playback issue
09:03 Changeset [1321] by zach
- Adding more test cases - Fixing display error message rendering


21:04 Changeset [1320] by pablo
Tagging 5.3 Flash Player release candidate
18:28 Changeset [1319] by zach
Adding additional test files
16:43 Changeset [1318] by pablo
Updates to media parser Updated HTML5 player in testing tool to most …
16:18 Changeset [1317] by zach
Fixing iPad / iPhone detection
16:08 Changeset [1316] by zach
- Fix for chromeless clients
13:10 Changeset [1315] by zach
- Updating for YouTube issue
11:12 Changeset [1314] by zach
- Updating examples - Minor IE change
09:54 Changeset [1313] by zach
- Fixing repeat issue
06:33 Changeset [1312] by zach
- Handling iDevices / IE - Adding shuffle - Adding repeat
06:32 Changeset [1311] by zach
- Updating iOS detection (Must test before release)
06:28 Changeset [1310] by zach
- Adding iOS detection
04:05 Changeset [1309] by jeroen
added RTMP MP3, RTMP AAC and Cloudfront example to testing
03:58 Ticket #1054 (Cached MP3 files won't play in Mac Safari) created by jeroen
Steps to reproduce: 1. Play an MP3 file, making sure it 's 100% loaded. …
03:31 Ticket #1053 (Stop-before-fully-loaded bug in Audiodescription) created by jeroen
If you go to a page with audiodescription player, and then close your …


21:29 Changeset [1308] by pablo
Fixes some issues with video tag parsing in IE
21:26 Changeset [1307] by pablo
* Allow item levels with no bitrate or width set * Fixes minor V4 API …
18:32 Changeset [1306] by zach
fullscreen fix
17:37 Changeset [1305] by zach
Fixing controlbar / skinning issue
17:15 Changeset [1304] by zach
Cleaning up logo
15:58 Changeset [1303] by zach
Fixing fullscreen issue
13:42 Changeset [1302] by pablo
Release swf for 1301 checkin
13:32 Changeset [1301] by pablo
* Fixes an issue with locking on PlayerReady * Fixes an issue loading …
11:05 Ticket #1052 (WordPress: Add more robust URL loading for YouTube XML) created by cameron
Currently, if the php.ini option allow_url_fopen = Off then the plugin …
09:42 Changeset [1300] by zach
Updating examples to use correct resources
08:33 Changeset [1299] by zach
- Adding HTML5 tests
08:32 Changeset [1298] by zach
- Adding tests
07:32 Ticket #854 (Respect stretching) closed by zach
07:31 Ticket #895 (Graceful error handling) closed by zach
07:25 Ticket #1051 (Investigate empty layout block memory leak in 5.X player) created by zach
Skins without the <layout> section use linearly increasing amounts of …
07:23 Ticket #1040 (DOCTYPE declaration breaks skinning) closed by zach
worksforme: Must have been fixed with other changes
05:04 Changeset [1297] by jeroen
fixed issue where swift RTMP error would cancel RTMPT connection


17:42 Ticket #1050 (Unhandled error in RTMPMediaProvider) closed by pablo
fixed: These should be fixed with 1296.
17:29 Changeset [1296] by pablo
* Rolls back RTMP bug introduced in 1280 * Fixes a seeking …
12:50 Ticket #1050 (Unhandled error in RTMPMediaProvider) created by pablo
The NetConnection's asynchronous event listeners aren't added until a …
11:52 Ticket #1049 (Begin and end options for streaming) created by pablo
The player currently has two options, start and duration which …
07:44 Changeset [1295] by jeroen
cleaned up the testing examples to use the new captions plugin
07:34 Changeset [1294] by jeroen
updated the Stijl skin to include Captions support
07:30 Ticket #692 (Captions plugin rewrite) closed by jeroen
fixed: Checked in in [1293]. Note the following items were not included: * …
07:19 Changeset [1293] by jeroen
2.0 version of captions plugin (jw5 API)
05:43 Ticket #1048 (Unified addButton() call) created by jeroen
Rewrite of the dock/controlbar addButton() mechanism that: * Works for …


20:27 Changeset [1292] by zach
Fixing ridiculous FF load reporting issue
20:01 Changeset [1291] by zach
Stylizing display
20:00 Changeset [1290] by zach
- Fixing AJAX util load method
19:35 Changeset [1289] by zach
- Updating some color stuff
19:05 Changeset [1288] by zach
- Fixing error display issue
17:06 Changeset [1287] by zach
A bit of tidying for FF
16:02 Changeset [1286] by zach
- Fixing controlbar and logo fade animation issues
15:08 Changeset [1285] by zach
- Respect None
15:03 Changeset [1284] by zach
- Further view enhancements
08:29 Changeset [1283] by jeroen
fixed an issue where the regular video provider would go into infinite …
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