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Additional compile tips for Flex Builder 3 users.

1The JW Player is free for non-commerical use.  To buy a license for commercial use, please visit
4To build the JW Player, you will need the following software:
6 * Flex SDK 3.3:
7 * Ant 1.7.0:
8 * FlexUnit 4: (for testing the player)
10To compile with Flex and Ant, enter the following command:
12ant -buildfile build\build.xml
14If the build is successful, player.swf will appear in the "bin-release" folder.
16Alternately, if you're using Flex Builder or Flash Builder, you may use the following method to build the player:
181. Create a new Actionscript project (you can give it any name except "Player").
192. Under "Project Contents", select the checkout tree (the folder where this README file lives).
203. If using Flex Builder 3, click the "Next" button, then type "src" into the "Main Source Folder" field.
214. Click the "Finish" button
225. Alter your main application class to inherit from com.longtailvideo.jwplayer.player.Player.
236. Under the "Project" menu, choose "Export Release Build".
247. The player will be compiled as bin-release/{Your Project Name}.swf.
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