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JW Player Developer Site

JW Player 6 is the world's most popular HTML5/Flash embeddable media player for websites. It supports a wide array of desktop browsers, mobile devices and media formats. It is easy to configure, customise and extend.

This developer site contains resources for engineers interested in the JW Player roadmap. See the following locations for more extensive resources:


A list of open issues can be found under the ticket browser. Tickets can be ordered by type (bug, enhancement, etc) and/or component (embedding, advertising, skinning, etc). See for example:

Source code

The source code of the Free edition JW Player can be obtained using the source code browser or using  Subversion (replace the X below with the minor version you want):

svn co

JW Player can be compiled using the free, cross-platform Flex SDK. We do not provide any assistance with doing so. Note the sources of the Pro, Premium and Ads editions are not freely available.