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What's New? (1.0.0 Release Candidate 6)

The following versions have been issued as "release candidates".

  • OVA for AS3 v1.0.0 RC6
  • OVA for JW Player 4 v1.0.0 RC6
  • OVA for JW Player 5 v1.0.0 RC6
  • OVA for Flowplayer v1.0.0 RC6

RC6 follows RC5 - please refer to the RC5 release note for a full account of all changes made up to and including RC5.

IMPORTANT: The following naming changes have occurred in this release:

  • In preparation for the V1.0 production release, the OVA for JW5 and OVA for JW4 SWFs have been renamed to "ova-jw.swf" - in addition the OVA for JW5 Javascript plugin has been renamed to "ova-jw.js". These will be the official names of the OVA for JW V1.0 plugins (renaming them allows the pre V1.0 plugins/setups to continue operating untouched on the Longtail plugin repository). It is also worth noting that existing OVA configurations will work with the new names (e.g. your JW5 external config files do not require change as the <ova.XXXX> tagset will work with the "ova-jw" SWF naming)

The following API changes have occurred in this release:

  • No additional changes over and above those included in RC5

The following functional changes are in this release:

  • Referrer ad tag variable added and VPAID referrer now uses BrowserUtils.getReferrer()
  • Added support for on-demand overlays - OVA for JW5 only
  • Added Javascript callback support for on-demand scheduled ad slots

1. Adding the Referrer to an Ad Tag

An extra ad tag variable "referrer" has been created to allow the referrer to be added by OVA to an ad tag.

OVA obtains the referrer via a Javascript callout to "document.referrer"

The value is encoded when added to the ad tag if the URL has any instances of a question mark (?) or ampersand (&).

2. Tracking Event Javascript Callback API

Further to the OVA Javascript callback API described in the RC5 release note (section 17), the following callback APIs have been implemented to allow the tracking events to be traced/actioned via Javascript:

  • onImpressionEvent(event:Object, forced:Boolean)
  • onTrackingEvent(event:Object)
  • onClickTrackingEvent(event:Object)
  • onCustomClickTrackingEvent(event:Object)

To enable these callbacks, the OVA general option "canFireEventAPICalls" must be declared as "true". It is false by default.

    "canFireEventAPICalls": true

3. On-Demand Overlays

Support has been for added "on-demand" overlays to OVA for JW5.

To enable on-demand loading of overlays, use the "loadOnDemand" option as follows:

    "ads": {
          "schedule": [
                    "zone": "28",
                    "position": "auto:bottom",
                    "loadOnDemand": true,
                    "startTime": "00:00:03",
                    "duration": 10,
                    "width": 450,
                    "height": 50

An example of this setup running can be found  here.

It is also possible to use the "refreshOnReplay" option to ensure that the overlay ad call is reloaded each time they are replayed.

4. On-Demand Ad Slot Scheduling Javascript Callback

The following Javascript callback API has been added to the set of OVA scheduling related Javascript callbacks as per section 17 of the RC5 release note.

onScheduleError(message:String, adSlot:Object)